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Gator State Storage Mural - Boynton Beach

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Here's an update from Greg Mankis Design of the Gator State Storage mural project. It truly comes to life when viewed in person from multiple angles. Take a drive-by for the full experience @ 860 Industrial Drive, Boynton Beach, Florida 33426.

Greg Mankis Mural Boynton Beach
Final Update: January 2023


The "Before" picture: 26" x 40" concrete stucco & brick wall located at 860 Industrial Drive, Boynton Beach, Florida. New ownership seeking a fresh look with Florida vibes.

Inspiration: The Gator State Storage Mural was inspired by the theme "Let there be Light". The goal was to transform an otherwise ordinary industrial wall into a vibrant work of original art that reflects the dynamic beauty of South Florida. The concentric circle background immediately captures attention from afar, while the heron, birds, dock, and palm tree shift in appearance as you pass by the property. Come take a drive-by for the full experience!

Progress 1: A canvas replica of the mural background was painted using fourteen custom blended colors. This gradient was used to order the final paint for the project.

Progress 2: Concentric circle lines were drawn with a giant compass that we "invented" using a 25' extention pole and industrial markers.

Progress 3: Background gradient beginning to take shape. This wall was extremely rough, requiring us to paint several layers (all by hand) with a 3" brush in a "sponging" manner.

Progress 4: Completion of the background color gradient. Note the difference in light intensity when this wall is shaded during the morning. As sunlight begins to hit the wall in the afternoon, the colors shift in vibrance and the mural comes to life.

Progress 5: Palm tree and dock added to the right side of the mural. The top edge of the dock was painted in metallic gold so that is shimmers when viewed at different angles.

Gator State Storage Boynton Beach
Gator State Storage Boynton Beach

Progress 6: The large bird was inspired by a heron/egret and hand-drawn with a metallic gold beak that shimmers when viewed at different angles. The smaller birds were shaded using the background color gradients.

Gator State Storage Boynton Beach
Gator State Storage Boynton Beach

Progress 7: Here's a current look at the mural as it appears at sunset. Check back soon after installation of the shutters, landscaping, and lighting.

Time-Lapse Video: Watch 5-weeks of work condensed into 60 seconds.

Drone Photo: The mural as viewed from above


Pilar Reyes Mike Sekletar Dave Heil Adam Webster Glenn Weiss Cassie Roberts Crystal Diaz


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