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Reunited after 20 years with my first piece of art

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

I consider this my first piece of "art". I started working on it about 25 years ago after experiencing heart break for the first time. It was a divine inspiration, and the lines came to me as if I was in some kind of "zone". It made me realize that I wanted to spend the rest of my life making art, and chasing that same feeling of being in the zone.

About 20 years ago I gave it to my friend Tim Coghlan. Tim and I worked together at the Mercury Lounge in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. My life was very unpredictable at the time, and when Tim decided to move to New York I asked him to take it with him. I knew giving it to him would prevent me from selling it to someone else simply to pay my bills.

Fast forward to today. Tim (who now lives in Oregon) and I reconnected recently. When he told me he still had the painting I was somewhat shocked. Not only did he still have it but he had it professionally framed and it was still hanging on his wall to that day. I asked if there was any way I could get it back so I could add it to my gallery in Fort Lauderdale. Tim agreed, and I promised to paint him an original painting in return.

I consider this the kindest act anyone has ever done for me. This painting started me on my art journey, and to have it back means more than I can put into words.

What is the painting (drawing + oil pastels) supposed to be? There is a woman's face looking directly at you, with her left hand slightly covering her smile. Then there are two faces looking at one another from each side. Lastly, there are two birds (blue & yellow).

I know most people don't see what I see. The drawing is nearly one continuous line. But to me this is more than a piece of art. It is a divine message from my creator, and it is the reason I still paint today.

Thank you, Tim. I will never forget what you did for as long as I live.

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